by Mr. Gutsy

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Debut EP, brought to you by Mr. Gutsy Industries.


released January 12, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mr. Gutsy at DonkeyBros Studios from August 2016 to January 2017.



all rights reserved


Mr. Gutsy Boise, Idaho

Mr. Gutsy Started off as the brainchild of frontman Collin OldCrowinson, who projected his unique brand of honest, nihilistic hatred through his abrasive lyrics and hippie bandmates, whom he tried to mold into sludgy, gross musicians; When this didn't pan out, he recruited John Don Brobrutey on guitar, Crustin' Haro on drums, and Tequila Trent on bass to reignite the fire that is Mr. Gutsy. ... more

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Track Name: Morally Superior
Track Name: Pissed
People are built to fear;
avoid all conflict that comes anywhere near their worthless chunks of flesh,
fuck that shit, embrace it.
Slit throats from ear to ear, celebrate the blood spilled!
Life will drink you down then piss you out and flush you away,
you went down without a kick she didn't even need a chaser
disgusted as you emptied out he pissed as clear as noisecore
laughing as you circled the drain we didn't even need a plunger
Get used to it, we're all fucked.
My bowels are full, I've been constipated by your presence long enough.
You never stood a fucking chance,
and the sewers are overflowing with urination just like you!
Might as well be pissing our pants!
The ground has been jam-fucking packed with defecation: fuck a funeral.
You don't deserve a shallow grave.
It's the same old song and dance...
Now you will wander aimlessly,
searching for absolutely any sympathy.
As you get walked all over, don't you dare come running to me.
I am pure apathy, exploiting misery.

Track Name: Gloryhole
You've got me hooked,
dragging me along.
This won't last long, don't you dare prove me wrong.
Why anticipate rejection? Spit in the face of failure!
It's only a matter of time before they have a gun in my face.
I will deteriorate long before I realize why the fuck they were ever there in the first place.
Bury me - in this glory hole
Dig me up - when I am useful
Left alone, filled with holes for the worms to creep in,
decomposition will be over in an instant
stand on the edge of this hole that you left me in so I can dig you under kicking and screaming.
I accept reality, I will never give a single soul a fair chance.
I shrug a cold shoulder, take a fucking hint.
Read my lips: you shouldn't need to squint.
Track Name: Sliver in The Sand
I lost myself without a word to write and I don't know why,
staring at a raging flame as I wait for it to die.
One last drag, one last drink, that is all the time I allow myself to think.
Turn in, shut down, cop out, not a single fucking breath left to let out and shout!
Why would you stick your hand out, in my alleged time of need?
All you will grasp is greed as I attempt to elevate myself upon this steed.
A knight of self-interest, I don't give a fuck about which flag you dress.
I will joust you, run you down just to level my own stress.
Your influence will stand out like a sliver in the sand.
Oh what a mess I must confess.
Even me, myself and I detest.
My nihilistic and simplistic solutions and pollutions, but it's my delusion and my favorite contribution to the world.
It's too late to turn back
So turn your back on me and walk away
Track Name: White Wizard Wasted
I have been waiting since last weekend for this.
Your confidence is your weakness.
It's laughable that you foresee beating me, to claim the power of 'White Wizard Wasted...'
Your brain is numb, my arm is sore.
It sure is magical, to have my spell on these fools.
Forget your obligations - time for drunk engagements.
Cans stacked to the sky - now you will all die!
I will call the shots, this will make you sick
as I pour these shots, take them fucking quick!
You have yet to understand the strangeness of my powers: everytime I finish a beer, you will have no choice but to go get me flowers.
Oh, thank you, you're such a sweetheart!
So take a fucking shot everytime that I fart!
You can't fight the urge, you'll begin to purge,
You get what you deserve, am I getting on your nerves?

There's blood on the carpet and holes in the wall, it must have been the game you played! The mirrors are busted and someone is crying. it must have been that game you played! Your pants are full of shit, and you're covered in piss: it must have been that game you played!!!